Scotland Tonight: Is Madonna still the Queen of Pop or just out to shock?

Edinburgh is getting ready to host the Queen of Pop Madonna in the latest stage of her controversy-hit tour.

The 53-year-old has made headlines for flashing on stage during previous concerts and most recently for touting an AK-47 at her dancers during a gig in Israel.

On Saturday Madonna will pack out Murrayfield Stadium in the capital to promote her latest album, MDNA.

During Thursday’s edition of Scotland Tonight, Daily Record showbiz journalist Beverly Lyons said she believed the mother-of-four is still relevant today.

She told the show that the Material Girl has “got us all talking” once again with her latest provocative on-stage antics.

Capital FM’s Garry Spence questioned whether bringing machine guns into her repertoire was necessary, but agreed that she was still significant in the current world of pop.

He told Scotland Tonight that Madonna’s choice to keep “pushing it and pushing it” may be tied into her attempt to be a continued success, having had fifteen number one albums.

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